How to update the firmware on your HP F310 to show speed in KPH

Many thanks for purchasing the HP F310 In Car Camera.  There are some levels of firmware which cannot display KPH speeds, so to correct this, there is a simple procedure to update the firmware of your Camera.

1. Firstly, please download this zip file with the firmware attached - save to a place on your PC where you can find it.  Zip file:

2. Insert an SD card into your F310 In Car camera and connect your F310 In Car camera to your computer with the USB cable.  This puts the camera into file mode and lets you navigate to it on your PC.

3. Unzip the file "sp8g" by right-clicking and selecting "Extract all"




4. Copy the file "sp8g.bin" from the unzipped folder to the SD card in your F310 In Car Camera - open a window for the F310 In Car Camera and have another window open next to it with the location of the "sp8g.bin" file, then drag the file onto the F310 window.


5. You can now disconnect the camera from your PC and then connect it to a power source that is not your PC.  Either a mains USB charger (as supplied with most smartphones) or your HP in car power supply. 

6. Turn the F310 unit on and it will now go into a process to update the firmware - use the buttons on the F310 to select "Yes" from the menu and it will update.



When this process is complete, you will be able to use the HP F310 In Car Camcorder with KPH units.